Total independence

Our group is both financially and legally independent. This gives us great freedom to act in your interest without making any compromises. Furthermore, as BfB directors and executive managers own the entire share capital of the group, decisions are made autonomously by people who have strong personal motivations.

Field knowledge

Our firm is on a human scale and has offices covering the French-speaking region of Switzerland. Our knowledge of the local tax system and economy allows us to provide clients with a quality follow-up and efficient services tailored to their needs. Thanks to our staff’s experience, we can assist our clients with their business in Switzerland and abroad.

A strong team and a solid financial base

Over fifty people are employed at BfB, including twenty Swiss Certified Public Accountants, lawyers and tax experts, as well as finance and accounting specialists.

Our firms are members of EXPERTsuisse; all are registered with the Federal Audit Oversight Authority (FAOA) and benefit from the agreement as licensed audit experts. The annual turnover of the Group is of approximately CHF 13 million.