Guy Chervet has over thirty years experience in the fiduciary field. He spent five years working for one of world’s leading auditing and accounting companies. Having obtained Swiss Certified Public Accountant certification in 1997, he specialized in the audit of medium-sized firms and in the administrative and accounting assistance for small and medium-sized companies, as well as in the audit of pension funds.

He currently devotes part of his time to auditing industrial, trading, handicraft and electrical companies, and part of this time to employees’ pension funds. Furthermore, Guy Chervet is responsible for the audit of several pension funds financed according to the system of defined contributions or defined benefits plans. Finally, Mr. Chervet gives courses at EXPERTsuisse on the GAAP RPC standards, as well as courses on the audit of pension funds. He also acts as an expert in financial and reporting accounting for the CPA exams.